The little known hockey federation of Macedonia will have a historic moment later this month when they take on Bulgaria in a two game exhibition series.

When the two countries take to the ice at the Boris Trajkovski Ice Arena in Skopje, Macedonia on December 20th and 21st, it will make the first two national games in the history of ice hockey in Macedonia. The team has played a game previously back in 2011, losing 4-1 to Bulgarian league team Red Star Sofia, but that was a club team and not a different country. This time, it’s against the best U20 players from Bulgaria.

The team will be made up of 20 players, with 16 of them recent members of the Macedonian Inline Hockey team. At he European Inline Qualification tournament in early July, Macedonia allowed 36 goals in three games to finish last in the four team event. Bulgaria went on to advance to the Division I World Inline Championships following a 2-1-0 record.

Macedonia still hopes to find time to face Bosnia and Herzegovina sometime in the next few months. In October, the Macedonian Hockey Federation announced a four game exhibition series against BiH, but no dates have been confirmed just yet.

“Maybe we (can) find time to face BiH in February or March when they start preparations for the (World Championships),” said MHF president Nikola Tasev.

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