After years of frustration and years of failure, Kazakhstan will finally earn promotion to the 2016 Division IA World Juniors.

After their four-year stay at the top level of the World Junior’s ended in 2001, Kazakhstan had a two year stay at the top again, competing with the top dogs in both the 2008 and 2009 tournaments. Since then, they’ve struggled in D1, battling teams like Italy and Poland in Division 1B ever since. The tournament victory with a game still to go is a big one for Kazakhstan, who can finally move on after years of coming up short.

The last time Kazakhstan competed in Division IA, the team lost all seven games in an embarrassing tournament for the country. The year before, Kazakhstan started off the top division event with a 9-0 loss to the ninth place German team and 15-0 loss to Canada. The team will have a few players returning in 2016, but the biggest challenge will be to stick in the group for more than just one tournament.

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