The Irish Ice Hockey Federation released a statement via Facebook today, announcing that they will be able to keep their IIHF status for the near future.

“Following a very successful IIHF Congress the IIHA are delighted to announce the we will retain our membership status with the international federation. Many issues were discussed, including the issue of a permanent Ice Rink. However, the IIHF recognose the progress and direction of Aaron and his executive and are very pleased with the progress made following the turn of the last executive.

The IIHA contribute this success to the players, parents and coaching staff, for their continued belief in ice hockey as a sport in Ireland.”

After gaining admission into the IIHf back in 1996, the country played in their first ever World Championship event with the Ireland senior team first competing in 2004. Usually a mainstay in the bottom Division III tournament, Ireland has seen action in Division II two separate times, with 2011’s last place effort being their most recent. The national team last played at the World Championships back in 2013, finishing fourth place after a 2-3 record in Division III.

After the closure of the Dundalk Ice Dome back in 2010, Ireland was left without an official Olympic-sized rink for international competition. The country, which has fought for support for many years, was forced to sit out all competition in 2014 and 2015, and despite keeping their IIHF status, they wont be participating in 2016.

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