Norwegian defenceman Henrik Odegaard has been given a one game suspension for kneeing Czech forward Martin Zatovic.

With the Czech forward trying to avoid getting hit by Odegaard, the Norwegian defender began to lean to his right and caught Zatovic in a knee-on-knee collision.

According to the IIHF:

The Disciplinary Panel determined that Odegaard’s actions were in violation with rule 536 a) and endangered the safety of Zatovic. Although Zatovic was in a position to be legally body-checked, he is allowed to take evasive action in order to protect himself. The Panel agrees that Odegaard had no intention to injure his opponent but he did initiate contact illegally with his knee. It was the careless action of Odegaard in extending his knee, which caused the dangerous knee-to-knee contact for which he must take responsibility.

As a result, Odegaard will miss Norway’s last game of the Preliminary Round tomorrow against Canada. With Norway sitting sixth place heading into the final game, it could very well be their final game of the tournament.

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