The Algerian national ice hockey team is looking for your support.

According to the National Teams of Ice Hockey website, Algeria has played in just five official tournament games in their history, losing all five matches at the 2008 Arab Cup in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Since then, the team has struggled to find the funds to compete again, and has been on the sidelines ever since. Unlike in North America, the team is unable to gain funding from the government and have struggled to find the sponsorship needed to continue.

Fortunately, things look to be getting better in Algeria. The country does have a new rink, and the NHLPA has supplied equipment for kids looking to get more involved in the game. However, they still need more money as a whole to help pay for arena costs, uniforms and travel.

As a huge advocate of the international game, I suggest you help support the team. Anything helps, and if it means more countries have a chance at taking part in the game, then it shows that hockey can grow anywhere, from Algeria to Uzbekistan.

You can help support the team through their GoFundMe website here.

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