Just days after the 2015 World Championships came to a close, the German Ice Hockey Federation has decided not to renew coach Pat Cortina’s contract for the future.

A native of Montreal, Quebec, Cortina, 50, has had a long history of coaching internationally. Cortina got his international start with the 1992 Italian Olympic team, acting as an assistant coach for the last place finishing team. Cortina would eventually get a chance to be a head coach with Italy during the 1996 World Junior Championships, leading his team to a fifth place finishing spot in Pool B.

Eventually, Cortina would be given a chance to lead the Italians in three separate World Championship events to start off the new millennium. Success wouldn’t go in Cortina’s favour, however, and after limited success, he moved to the Hungarian team for a seven year stint. With Hungary, he did something that no previous coach has ever been able to do, earning promotion to the top division of the World Championships for the first time in the history of the country. He’d hold on as the top bench boss from 2004-2010, stepping away from the international game for a few years. Cortina would eventually land in Germany for 2013, but after limited success, including relegation from the top group of the World Juniors and a weak effort at the World Championships this year, the federation decided to step away from pursuing a new contract.

The news comes with all the buzz about the future of Mike Babcock, who made a decision to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday. Germany, who were never in the equation for Babcock (duh), will make a decision on a new coach in the future.

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