Step aside Mexico, Colombia is looking ready to contend for a medal again this year.

On Wednesday, the first day of the Pan-American Ice Hockey Games, Colombia made easy prey of Argentina’s A team, taking home the 8-0 victory to start off the tournament positively. Today, the result was half as good but still as impressive, defeating Mexico’s U17 select squad 6-0 to stay undefeated after just two games.

For Colombia, a solid tournament could help spark potential interest in a Division III World Championship appearance in the near future. A year ago, Colombia managed to overthrow Argentina’s effort, taking a 11-1 victory in the first game of the tournament to secure their first ever hockey victory. In the bronze medal game, the two teams met again, with Colombia once again making easy work of their opponents for the 9-1 victory.

For Mexico’s U17 team, the tournament hasn’t started off too well. Yesterday, Brazil won their first ever hockey game at the expense of Mexico, who’ll have to face the older, stronger Mexican men’s team in game three on Friday. A loss will make it tough for the team to even compete for a bronze medal, but with the country using this tournament as a way of developing some of their younger talents, success wasn’t to be expected ahead of time.

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