The Chinese Taipei will look for their fourth straight Challenge Cup of Asia title after beating Mongolia 18-2 on Wednesday.

There were no close points at any point of the game, with To Weng scoring the first goal of the game after 1:26 of play. Taipei ended up finishing with eight goals in the first period, an impressive number thanks to four goals from Weng himself, who finished with seven goals and eight points.

Captain Yen-Chin Shen also had a fun night on the ice, scoring one goal and adding six assists in a game that saw 40 points split between 11 players on the Taipei roster.

Both Mongolian goals came from Tserenbaljir Baatarkhuu, one of the stronger players on the roster. Baatarkhuu has scored seven goals in the past few years for Mongolia, a team that typically struggles at the tournament.

Taipei will now battle against the United Arab Emirates in a one game, winner-takes-all scenario for the gold medal. Taipei are the favourites, having blown out their competition all tournament long and having won the past three championships titles. Game is set for 12:00 pm EST on Friday afternoon.

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