For the first time in a very long time, Belarus will have a chance to battle it out with the best junior hockey players in the world thanks to their promotion from Division IA a year ago. However, with just four returning players on the roster this year, it’s going to be very tough for the young team to really prove themselves. The good news, however, is that if they can somehow stay alive for another year, they’ll have an older roster next year, and with a good portion of the team able to come back, that’s a good thing.

Ivan KulbakovGoalieDynamo U20
Alexander OsipkovGoalieYunost Minsk
Vladislav VerbitskiGoalieDynamo U20
Daniel BokunDefenseDynamo U20
Stepan FalkovskiDefenseOttawa 67s
Vladislav GoncharovDefenseDynamo U20
Sergei RomanovichDefenseDynamo U20
Ilya SushkoDefenseDynamo U20
Alexander TabolinDefenseDynamo U20
Pavel VorobeiDefenseDynamo U20
Andrei BelevichForwardDynamo U20
Ilya BobkoForwardDynamo U20
Dmitri BuinitskiForwardDynamo U20
Alexei BuskoForwardDynamo U20
Artemi ChernikovForwardDynamo U20
Dmitri FilippovichForwardDynamo U20
Danila KarabanForwardDynamo U20
Vadim MalinovskiForwardOkanagan
Alexander PatsenkinForwardYunost Minsk
Alexei PatsenkinForwardYunost Minsk
Yegor SharangovichForwardDynamo Raubichi
Ruslan VasilchukForwardDynamo U20
Grigori VeremyovForwardDynamo U20

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