Hey everyone,

Today is a sad day for me. After four and a half years of running the website I helped create with Cameron Brushett, Jackson Scarrow and Samuel Lehner, I have decided to step down and move on. The Hockey House was the first real thing I began and worked with, and as a grade nine high school student, we did more than we ever thought.

2013 was a tremendous year for the website. We joined the Fox Sports network Yardbarker, we released our mobile app and we were getting tremendous traffic. Oh, and the Globe and Mail did a full feature on us, and considering the G&M is one of the elite publications in Canada, one I’d love to write for some day, it was amazing. Everyone involved was happy.

But in a risky sense, things changed. We decided we didn’t want to write about the NHL anymore. There are so many different websites doing the same thing, so we wanted to set ourselves apart. We eventually decided to focus on solely international hockey, something that drew in tremendous traffic during events like the World Juniors, World Championships, Spengler Cup and even the obscure Pan-Am Ice Hockey Games. We covered the starts of hockey teams such as Georgia, Tunisia, Brazil, Nepal, Turkmenistan, Iran, Colombia and more. Covering India’s first ever game in Canada was an experience I won’t forget about.

I learned so much running my own website and met some truly amazing people. But eventually, you got to move on. That’s why I’m joining Euro Hockey, the international hockey website that got me interested in the niche in the first place. They have a great group of guys and we’ve helped cross-promote each other in the first place.

I also have some other international hockey ideas up my sleeve, and won’t be leaving any of the other stuff I do. I’ll still continue to contribute junior hockey articles to Penalty Box Radio and I’m increasing my NASCAR content for The Racing Experts, both of which are ESPN affiliates.

Now, what about THH? The website isn’t going anywhere. In fact, we’re going to be focusing solely on the television show here. We aren’t sure where our show will land for the upcoming year, but you can watch all our episodes from the most recent season here.

Thank you to all the people who made THH the way it is today. Thanks to Bradshaw Furlong for contributing articles throughout the tenure of the site, spending many hours covering the World Juniors every year. Thanks to Jack Weber, Mike Gomez and Jared Horner, among others, who made great contributions right off the bat and brought in steady audiences. Thanks to Jackson Scarrow, and while we had some differences working together, I can’t thank him enough for everything he did. He’s a great guy.

Last and not least, thanks to Samuel Lehner for taking on this project in the first place. He wasn’t a hockey fan when we began THH, but after all the things we’ve done with the Oakville Blades, TVCogeco, RogersTV and LeafsTV, it’s clear he’s becoming a fan now. Check out his production company S.a.M Productions, the company responsible for making the websites for THH and The Scout House, among others.

We never thought we’d get this far, but we did. Thanks everyone. If you ever need to reach me, email me at steven@thehockeyhouse.net or follow me on Twitter.

Steven Ellis

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