The Blues took on the Detroit Red Wings tonight and won 3-2.  The game was everything you would expect and more in this rivalry.  Lots of hits, clean, dirty and everything in between.  It was one of those games you can not describe because it was something you just had to see.  The Red Wings got the scoring started off in the 2nd period ending their streak of 1st period goals at 15 games.  Just a small space that Franzen happened to stick handle through and put it past Elliot.  

The Blues answered fairly quickly in the form of the nose, Alex Steen.  Steen rifled a shot from the point off of the faceoff and put it past Howard to tie up the game on the power play.    The problem with this game was the refs somehow found themselves once again making it pretty obvious sometimes that the NHL is biased against certain teams.  Let me say this though as they did make alot of calls correctly it was almost forgotten by them about of bad calls as well.  Normal plays between rivals that were getting called.  It had an adverse effect in this came by actually stirring up more issues then calming down.

I was pretty surprised that there were not any fights with the amount of goalies getting run tonight first Abdelkader taking a run on Elliott which to me looked like he wanted to run Elliott.  

There is a wrong way and a right way to get your team going and it just seemed dirty how the Wings were trying to get their players amped.  Bertuzzi once again and no surprise had his hands in it as well.  Making a pretty close to boarder line boarding hit on TJ Oshie shoving the kid face first into the ledge where the glass meets the boards.  Very surprised no call was made.  Cooler heads did prevail however with Jackman standing up to Bertuzzi and trying to agitate him into a dumb penalty, but it did not work.  As the 2nd period ended things were up in the air and the outcome blurry.

The 3rd period started off with a bang with the Blues captain David Backes setting the tone and getting the Scottrade crowd back into the game with a tip in on the power play.   Oshie made a great feed from the corner crossing the crease to Backes.

It did not take to much longer for Blues fans to see the game winner from Patrik Berglund.  Berglund recieved the outlet pass from Stewart in the neutral zone and as the Wings Eriksson backed off Berglund let off a howitzer in the near post past Howard.     As expected things started getting really dicey in the 3rd.  It never ceases to amaze me how absolutely unclassy some of these players can be as Stuart knocked Perron over Howard and Howard proceeded to go after Perron as if he did not know what happened.  Even worse was the rest of the team decided to aid Howard in jumping Perron.  

This was not all in this game with less than two minutes in the game the Wings mustered up another run right after they pulled Howard and Hudler put the last goal past Elliott and bringing the final 3-2.  I would almost bet though if this game was a couple minutes longer the Wings manage to tie up the game.  

The Blues in the last 5 minutes seemed to forget they still had a little bit of game left, and only a 2 goal lead which happens to be known as the worst lead in hockey as teams seem to slow down and not play as hard.

Overall the Blues played well tonight, the keys to the win

  • Defense and offense found a way to shut down Datsyuk, and Zetterberg.  However could not shut down the Mule.
  • Elliott played a very solid game rebounding from the Hawks game.  The two goals were good plays by good players.
  • The Blues power play showed up, and was the difference.

The Blues take on the struggling Ducks Thursday night at Scottrade.  Special thanks to my buddy @spectr17 for the video work.  Also be sure to read some rumors and NHL talk on the site, see you next time.  


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