The immovable object vs the irresistible force.

Coming off a solid three game winning streak, the Dallas Stars enter tonight’s tilt against the Washington Capitals atop the Western Conference by a point and with confidence high. The Capitals meanwhile, despite dropping three of their last five games can still boast a 100% record as the host after six games at the Verizon Center.

The biggest ‘concern’ for the Capitals is that mega-monster Alex Ovechkin has ONLY been able to bag 6 goals and 7 assists so far this season. Oh gee what a terrible blip that is right. Whatever issues Ovechkin has, Washington have an often embarrassingly powerful depth chart to take up any slack their team captain throws their way. Nicklas Backstrom is their latest go-to guy with 18 points (5 goals, 13 assists) in 12 games played so far.

You look at the current Stars roster and try to look for individual player match-ups but with the offensive talent these Capitals have, it’s a somewhat futile exercise. What the Stars have had this season though is plenty of depth scoring, steadfast defending and a goalie who just cannot be kept down.

There’s a lot of talk around this one being the best game so far this season and may pundits are expecting the Stars to be found out by Ovechkin and co. Myself, I see this as more of a goalie duel. We have appeared more shaky on the road than we have on our own ice to this point admittedly, with two of our three losses coming as the visitors but, one thing above all has been proven about these Dallas Stars this season; they’re full of surprises.

Which ever way you want to look at it, we need a high-caliber team to truly test this new system coach Double G is so far playing to a T. The Capitals are exactly that team and this game is going to be huge for Dallas.


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