See; he's not so bad after all.

See; he’s not so bad after all.

Andrew Raycroft entered last nights game in Los Angeles with a massive point to prove and boy did he take the chance. In an ideal world, a win would’ve capped it nicely but it wasn’t to be. It has to be said though that – for the first 55 minutes of play – Raycroft was equal to anything that came his way. Finishing with 23 saves is great for him and, but for a lack of serious offence, this could so easily have been his night.

‘They got a lucky shot that found a hole. I didn’t see the shot at all’. Honest enough words from the Stars’ backup goalie who should take a lot of heart from his performance in this game. After a run of limited starts stretching back to last season where he has allowed goal after goal and seemingly getting into a rut over it, Raycroft needed a sound display and this I truly feel was it.

He commanded his crease with some real authority and never showed the deflated body language that’s been there for all to see in previous games. In short, he did us as a team very proud and he should take stock in knowing that he still very much has it.

We move on to Tuesday night then with a trip to Arizona and the Phoenix Coyotes. Our games with these guys always seem to be intense and while former Stars coach Dave Tippett is manning the Phoenix bench, there will always be added spice to this one. That man Lehtonen will most likely get the start for this one and it’s a relief knowing that coach Double G still has a full roster to choose from. These divisional games can get rough. Perhaps more so as the season trundles on but so far so good for these Dallas Stars and a 1-0 road loss to a potent team is far from the end of the world.

Look for the Stars to bounce back quite sharply and the next time Andrew Raycroft gets a start, do NOT underestimate the guy.

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