Three games on the bounce where our Dallas Stars have looked anything but convincing. After an embarrassing 6-0 home reverse against the Florida Panthers, the Stars have now been outscored by a combined 14-3 in the last three. While many fans held no real grudges after the road games against Pittsburgh (L 3-1) and Detroit (L 5-2), we were perhaps all expecting good things back at home against Florida.

Stars coach Glen Gulutzan has deemed the honeymoon to be officially over and if ever there was a time of regrouping, consolidation and team ethic, this is it. Under Gulutzan’s new regime, our playing method is simple; all things start from our own defensive zone. Invite the opponent in and – even if it means allowing a huge shot disparity, allow your goalie to see the puck at all times. The trouble is with a game plan like this, every single player on the team has to be alert to every situation on the ice. Cover the skaters and don’t get caught watching what the guy with the puck’s doing. Too many times over the last three games, that’s precisely what the Stars have been guilty of. We got away with it to an extent against Washington but it was only a matter of time before we came up against teams willing to take their chances.

With new ownership to be officially announced this Friday, one would have expected this Stars to have come home and ravage the Panthers and show the new owners what exactly it is they’ll be getting for their money.

As much as we can do now I guess is await the next opportunity which comes in the form of the Colorado Avalanche this Friday. An important game which I would like to think will see a much better team performance and a result to welcome the new ownership in the correct fashion.

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