Mike McKenna gets another NHL contract with Columbus
image via TSNPhotography

Now a story I’m very excited to talk about, goaltender Mike McKenna signing a deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets. McKenna, 30, will likely battle Jeremy Smith as the starting goaltender in the AHL for Columbus.

Mike has talked about being in the Blues organization and how it felt for him having the Bluenote on his jersey and helmet everyday, and now he’s off to Columbus.

McKenna is one of those players who you love to have on your team. He’s not a superstar even at the American league level, but he’s the kind of guy you need on your team to win. He is a veteran goalie who can help relax your team and be an extra coach on the ice.

McKenna signed a one year deal with the Blue Jackets and will be a good call up option of one of their NHL goalies gets injured.

Congrats on your new contract Mike! Tear it up in Columbus!

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