Jeff Carter being introduced as the newest member of the Columbus Blue Jackets during the offseason.

Yes, the Blue Jackets are coming to town, and what will come to most Flyers’ fans minds is simple: Jeff Carter. The return of #17 is what most fans expected, but #7 won’t be playing tonight. He suffered a foot injury earlier this season and is still not fully recovered. Although he will not be playing, Carter did have something to say about his time in Philadelphia (thanks to Adam Kimelman of

“I had 6 great years here, enjoyed coming to the rink and playing in front of the fans every night. Everybody says it’s one of the best places to play and the fans are a huge part of that. Makes it a lot easier for guys to go on the ice and play good hockey when you have fans like that behind you.”

Carter was always a fan favorite in Philly. There was not as big of a deal when he was traded as when Richards was traded because most fans expected Carter to be dealt. It is a shame that he has been sidelined because of a foot injury, which I believe he suffered last year too, but when he returns he should be able to contribute to a struggling Blue Jackets team.

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