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Opening night of the season my all time favorite NHL player ever had his number retired by the team that brought him to my attention.  Peter “Foppa” Forsberg had his number raised up next to Joe Sakic, Patrick Roy, and Ray Bourque’s numbers and Pepsi Center.  It was only fitting that it was against the much maligned Red Wings.

Drafted by the Flyers and sent to Quebec in the deal that sent Eric Lindros to Philly, Forsberg made an immediate impact in the NHL posting 50 pts in his rookie year and last in Quebec.  As the team moved to Denver, Forsberg started his reign of terror on NHL goalies posting 116 pts, 30g and 86a.  Known mostly for his playmaking ability you would shortchange yourself if you did not agree he was absolutely a Power Forward.  He loved to hit, he loved everything about the game.  He started breaking the European stereotype that it was all flash and no bash.  He came into an era when defense ruled and destroyed that idea.  Over the course of the 90’s in which he played he averaged more then 90 pts per season when healthy.

Health being his Achilles heal, and more to it his foot, it cut his career way short.  for a man that played in 708 NHL games, he still posted 885 pts.  Imagine what his point totals could have been being healthy every season and not having the chronic foot injury.  The man won the Art Ross, Calder, and Hart Memorial trophies as well as winning the Stanley Cup twice.

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