Man, I felt like one of those unfortunate people who think it is humorous and a great idea to post ridiculous rumors, make fake accounts of credible people or one of those armchair GMs who believe the real world is in fact an EA Sports NHL video game. However, there are people who truly enjoy rumors, they gobble them up and eat them for breakfast. As soon as they can get online, whether it’s forums, message boards, Facebook, Twitter – whatever, that is what they try to find out first, who’s going where and for who. Is this a problem? Slightly, maybe – okay, yeah it is. No one should be so obsessed with rumors, especially the ones that are pretty bogus from the start. Why do these things even happen? Why are these accounts created just to post things that are most likely and will never be true? Well, some people just love the satisfaction of fooling others. They want to be recognized by the online community and then they want it being passed around by word of mouth. These people receive a bigger following this way and it can be truly seen on twitter through the process of “retweeting”. It’s definitely hitting the breaking point for a lot of people when they see someone they follow on Twitter, retweet a rumor that is clearly made by a source that has no credibility. I know that I personally get rattled when I see specific names in my timeline. I’ll get into those ‘insiders’ a bit later.

As for making a fake account of someone who is an actual insider, this mind boggles me. You take the time to set up an account and pretend to be Kypreos, Dreger, LeBrun, McKenzie and so on. However, there is definitely ways to tell if these people are not who they say they are. Step one is checking if the account that is being used is verified, if it does not have the little white check mark and the blue circle, that’s when you start being cautious. Step two is looking at how many followers the account has and always check the amount of tweets as well. The true insiders tend to have a decent amount over a thousand, unless you’re Kyper, he is shy of the 1000 mark. He is also not currently verified but it definitely is him. I will list some of the real accounts at the end but let’s just see an example of the fake Dreger account that fooled quite a number of people a couple of days ago:

First of all, you see a spelling error, which happens to anyone from time to time but usually is fixed in the next tweet. Then you continue to read the actual “trade” that is apparently close and you have to laugh. It does not make any sense, but we all know the Leafs would love that deal if it were to happen. These fake accounts make up some ridiculous trade offers that are “close” to being done or ones that are actually done. An example of one that was said to be done:

What the heck is this? I don’t even know. The funny thing about these fake trades and accounts is the fact that people actually retweet them or text their buddies and tell them of what happened. Many people have smart phones now and they tend to get trades and signings to them. No one should be believing that any of these tweets about deals have occurred. I am also aware of those who retweet the posts in order for others to see the stupidity of them and that they are not real. Props to you guys – you know what’s up!

Now onto those armchair GMs. The only GM mode I play personally is on PS3, I won’t say random deals that I think will work or benefit my favourite team – that’s not how I function. I’m not in that field, except for the gaming world, like many others who are. However, some like to bring reality and gaming into one world through speaking their mind on twitter. I’m going to just dive right into an example of a trade proposal:

Everyone knows the goalie situation in Philadelphia is a head shaker but for the Habs to give a team in their own conference, a rival, their number one goalie that they took 5th overall not so many years ago? Come on man! Not to mention, for a goalie that, yes has potential, but has not even proven he can be a starter like Price did when he emerged into the league. So the Habs would give up their guaranteed number 1 for someone who may be that position down the road but who could also flake out. I’m not even going to touch the Eller/Moen and Schenn/Couturier part. Then you move down to getting rid of Cole (best player for the Canadiens all year and has not shown his true age) and Kostitsyn, who people call inconsistent but in reality, has not really been that from season to season for LA’s captain, Brown (who is now available) and Bernier, who wants to be a starter but can’t pass Quick. There you have the Canadiens without a true starting goalie and back to having a battle for the spot like they did with Price/Halak a few of years ago. The Habs truly do not need that all over again, and what if both of those goalies do not actually reach the potential they are said to have? You’re stuck with not having the guaranteed guy in Price. No thank you. Just no thank you at all.

Insiders. Anyone can claim to be one. I can go on twitter right now, make an account, hide my name and say that I have many sources around the league. But BETTER YET, I can claim that I work in an NHL related field! Wait, what are you saying Mike? Let me just show you: