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Since making it to the Finals in 2004 before losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 7 games, the Calgary Flames have failed to make it past the first round of the playoffs. In the past 2 seasons however, the Flames have failed to even qualify for the playoffs. Coming in to this season, the Flames are the oldest team in the NHL, just above the Detroit Red Wings. With such a veteran team, the Flames do not have the speed to keep up with most teams so they rely on their intelligence and skill but as we all know, their intelligence and skill have gotten them no where the past 2 seasons.


With the Flames two main stars in Jarome Iginla (34) and Miikka Kiprusoff (35), it would be best for Feaster to trade them now while they still have some value. The best part of the season to trade Iggy and Kipper would be at the trade deadline because that’s when teams who are pushing for a playoff spot tend to overpay a team to get the player they want. With that being said, the Flames would be able to acquire a young star in the making, and possibly draft picks. Now I’m not saying that only Iggy and Kipper will bring in some young talent as they have the likes of Rene Bourque (29) and Alex Tanguay (31) to bring in some value too.


Jay Feaster has already made it clear that Ken King will need to find a new general manager if he wants to rebuild the team so as long as Feaster remains the Flames GM, they will continue to try to make the playoffs. This doesn’t mean however, that he is not trying to make the team younger and faster.


The Calgary Flames are definitely a playoff team if they play the way we all know they can but a playoff team does not win you Stanley Cups. What I mean by this is simple, of course you need to make the playoffs to have a shot at the cup, but you have to have a good enough team to beat the Stanley Cup favorites, in this case, the Vancouver Canucks. On Tuesday, the Flames were embarrassed by the Canucks losing 5-1 on home ice. The Flames have only been able to defeat the Canucks once since the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010 and that’s exactly what I’m talking about, in order to even have a chance at competing for the Cup, the Flames need to have a good enough team to beat the Canucks.


Sorry for getting so caught up with the Canucks there, but I’m just trying to prove a point. To end off this quick post, we all know the Flames can be a playoff team, but the question is if they can compete for the Stanley Cup.


You decide: Will the Flames be able to make the playoffs?

Is it time to trade Iginla and Kiprusoff to acquire young talent/draft picks?

When should the Flames start rebuild mode?

Leave your answers in the comments sections below.

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  1. Moe

    I agree, initially I would have said lets wait them out. But clearly the players they let go in the off season were the last engines separating the flames from a bottom 5 team.

    The flames have many bright spots, but they are far too old and are only gonna get slower as time goes on, not better. Jay Feaster needs to trade whoever he can for what ever young value he can get them for. Maybe the next 2-3 years can provide the flames with top 3 picks whom can they can build a foundation with going forward.

    Ultimately the flames should wait till a week or two before the deadline to make a final decision.

    If they are not in a playoff spot by then, its time to clean house.

  2. Austin Legendre

    Thanks for commenting, very much appreciated! Your right on with what you said


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