On Monday afternoon I tuned in to watch the Boston Bruins vs Colorado Avalanche game. Although the Avalanche won I noticed a lot of good things, a lot of bad things and possibly a sophomore slump.

                  The Good

Brad Marchand:

  Arguably the Bruins best player so far this season. Constantly driving the net and coming up with big scoring chances. He looks like he’s reached a new gear in terms of speed and his positioning has improved a lot. He doesn’t seem to have missed a beat from the playoffs which was a huge concern coming into this season.

Milan Lucic:

  Although he seems to be off to a slow start he is still playing the body and finishing his checks. He’s getting scoring chances and making people know he’s there. Lucic needs to continue playing his rough and tumble game and the goals will eventually come.

Benoit Pouliot:

  Pretty much invisible the entire game by getting hardly any ice time he found out quick what he needs to do to play for the Bruins. In one 25 seconds shift in the 3rd period he came out and laid three big hits and got a scoring chance. Coach Julien demands that from his players and rewarded Pouliot for it by giving him time when it was 4 on 4. If Pouliot can change his game and play Bruins hockey he will be a great addition.

The Bad

Nathan Horton:

  The season just started but Horton looks like he lost a step. The rust needs to come off quick before the points start slipping away. Horton was a none factor in Mondays game in chances and playing the body.

Zdeno Chara:

  We all saw Chara get out played by Claude Giroux and it continued vs the Avalanche. The Stanley cup hangover seems to be hitting some players and Chara is one of them. Moving slowly and taking bad penalties are things Chara has to shake off quick. If not, the Bruins will be in trouble. Chara is the horse that carries the team and it is vital he performs.

The Sophomore

Tyler Seguin:

  The “could be great” Seguin seems to be getting caught in a slump that usually occurs to second year players. Started on the second line Monday and finished the game on the bench. Seguin still has his speed and great passing abilities but a couple misjudgments had him on the receiving end of a good hit and led to turnovers. Without Recchi by his side Seguin will have to learn the lessons from his mistakes. In the end this will make him a better player. Sequin currently leads the team with three assists.

  The Bruins will be in Chicago for an original six match up on Saturday October 15th which should be a great game and test for the Bruins younger players.



By: Anthony Stella

Twitter: @anthonystelll






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