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The Maple Leafs have been brought back to earth this past weekend with a pitiful 7-0 shellacking on Saturday night. If there was anything good to come out of that game it was only the fact that it was a sobering blowout. Teaching these young players the value of staying organized and keeping it simple is invaluable for the continued future success on this franchise. If the Leafs had won 7-0 than the mistakes thus far would again be over shadowed by winning. This loss gives a reason for these players to understand hat there is still a lot of work to be done before we start naming streets after them…as Ron Wilson would say. Too many questions remain after last Saturday’s game:

When will Reimer be back in net?

Will Luke Schenn come out of his early season slump?

Will Phil Kessel ever score a goal?

When will Lombardi realize to pass the puck forward instead of backwards?

How many losses before the media starts calling for Ron Wilson’s head?

Is this Leafs team for real?

These questions are all weighing heavily on the hearts of minds of fans after the Leafs won their ninth game this season; A feat they did not accomplish until December 4th last year. From what I’ve seen so far this season I’m not sure if this team is for real but you don’t take 9 wins for granted this early in the NHL season. I believe this team has the talent to make a serious run at the playoffs assuming of course they are consistently healthy. If Reimer can come back healthy and the PK improve throughout the rest season, than the Leafs will be in post-season contention.

So we’ll let Tyler Seguin have his little hat trick from the other night in Toronto, because as it stands:

Leafs are 2nd in the Eastern Conference…


and the Bruins are DEAD last.

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