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As reported by TSN’s hockey analyst and insider Bob Mckenzie, the Anaheim Ducks have fired Randy Carlyle as their Head Coach replacing him with recently fired Bruce Boudreau. The Carlyle firing came just 30 minutes after the Ducks 4-1 win over the Canadiens last night. The hiring of Bruce Boudreau comes just 3 days after being fired by the Washington Capitals.


“I was shocked. I didn’t see this coming. But obviously with the situation, we were expecting something was gonna happen,” Teemu Selanne said about the Carlyle firing. “It’s a tough business and it was tough last night. What Randy, Dave, Mike and Joe have done for this organization… It’s tough.”


“We’ve got to pick things up quickly,” Captain Ryan Getzlaf stated.


Although many of the players in the Ducks dressing room are very shocked, they were expecting something to happen soon than later. They are very sad to see Randy Carlyle go after being their head coach for the past 6 years leading them to the playoffs 5 of the 6 years which saw them win the Stanley Cup in 2007 but that doesn’t mean that they’re not excited to see Bruce Boudreau come in…


“Sometimes all it takes is a new spark. Guys are excited. (GM Murray) told me that things would settle down now and hopefully this (coaching) change is the right change,” Bobby Ryan said about both the firing and trade rumors surrounding him.


Bruce Boudreau is the fastest NHL Head Coach in history to find a coaching job elsewhere after being fired. It was only 6 days before he last coached the Washington Capitals. The Ducks held their first team-practice at the “Honda Center” under new Head Coach Bruce Boudreau on Thursday…


“If I didn’t believe that this was a team that had the possibilities, the makings of something special, I think I would have sat home and waited,” Boudreau said after his first practice with the team. “But I don’t think opportunities like this come around every day with the talent that we have here.”


Overall, everyone should expect a change in the Ducks style of play for the rest of the season. Expect a team who will shoot more and who will be harder on the puck.


You decide: Was hiring Boudreau the right choice on behalf of the Ducks organization?

Will Boudreau be able to lead the Ducks into the playoffs?

Will Getzlaf, Perry, and Ryan be able to get back into their old forms from last season?

Leave your answers in the comments section below.

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