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As reported by Sports Columnist Helene Elliot of the LA Times, Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray is looking to shake things up after stating that everyone on the Ducks roster is in play when it comes to trade talks except for Teemu Selanne and Sakku Koivu who have no-trade clauses and are considered untouchable by Bob Murray.


The only way Bob Murray would trade any of his core players is if he would receive a core-type player in return Elliot reported. Murray is not looking to rebuild his team and trade for draft picks as he believes that he still has some core players…


“I still believe we have some core players. Now, whether we have to change a few core players, so be it. They’re deciding who’s staying and who’s not staying at this point.”


The Ducks are currently sitting in 14th in the Western Conference (10-21-6). Just 1 point separates them and the last place Columbus Blue Jackets (10-23-5).


If the Ducks continue to struggle the way they are, it will only be a matter of time before Bob Murray pulls the trigger and trades one of his superstars.


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