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Anaheim Ducks Forward Corey Perry was at the top of the league last year winning the “Rocket Richard” trophy with 50 goals. Along with his 50 goals, came 48 assists, giving him 98 points at the end of the season finishing 3rd in total scoring. Perry also surprised the hockey world when he beat out Canucks Forward Daniel Sedin to win the “Hart” trophy (MVP award).

To reach the 50 goal plateau, Perry had to score 19 goals in the final 16 games of the season, and of course, he was able to do that. What surprises everyone is that in those final 16 games, Perry only had one hat-trick, but 6 two-goal games in a span of 11 games is what really helped him reach 50 goals. But no one can give all the credit to Perry, he wouldn’t have been able to do any of that without star Center, Ryan Getzlaf, who assisted on 22 of Perry’s 50 goals. Bobby Ryan also contributed by assisting on 17 of those goals.

The question going into this season is not if Perry can lead the league in goals again, but if he can lead the league in points to go one step further. So will Perry be the 2011/12 “Art Ross” trophy winner? The answer is yes, if all three of them (Perry, Getzlaf, and Ryan) can stay healthy, Perry should not have any trouble. We all know “Alexander The Great”, Alexander Ovechkin will have a bounce back season, but he won’t be able to beat out Perry unless Nicklas Backstrom has a huge bounce back season as well. Also in the race are both of the Sedin brothers, and Steven Stamkos. Sidney Crosby could get into the race if he returns quicker than expected. I will now show you the numbers Corey Perry has put up in his first 6 seasons in the NHL.


2005/06 season: Ducks – 56 games, 13 goals, 12 assists, 25 points, +1

2006/07 season: Ducks – 82 games, 17 goals, 27 assists, 44 points, +12

2007/08 season: Ducks – 70 games, 29 goals, 25 assists, 54 points, +12

2008/09 season: Ducks – 78 games, 32 goals, 40 assists, 72 points, +10

2009/10 season: Ducks – 82 games, 27 goals, 49 assists, 76 points, even (0)

2010/11 season: Ducks – 82 games, 50 goals, 48 assists, 98 points, +9


You decide: Will Perry reach the 50 goal plateau once again?

What awards will be on his resume after this year?

Will he be at the top of the league once again?

Leave your answers in the comments section below.

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  1. Mitch

    I think 40 goals. A lot of things had to go right last year for 50


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