It came as no surprise when Canada handed Denmark a nice 10-2 beating, thus boosting Canada’s record to 3-0-0. The beat down prompted 5 of the best Danish players to go to the media and produce this hilarious sound bite.

The incident unfortunately got each of the players suspended, leaving Denmark to fend without 5 of their best players against the surprisingly good Finish team. Needless to say, Denmark lost 10-1 and exit the 2012 World Juniors with a 0-0-4 record.

What came as a huge surprise was USA falling to not only the Finns but also the Czechs leaving them out of contention for the Group B title. With the apparent threat of the Americans eliminated, Canada has won the group before the usually stellar new years eve  game where the victor is usually crowned.

I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed that this game may not be as intense seeing as there’s nothing to play for but pride. But you never know, we’ll just have to tune in and see.

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