After Canada finished the preliminary round a perfect 4-0-0, They were granted a spot in the semis and had to wait to see the outcome of the Russia/Czech Republic quarter final before they knew their opponent. This game has just finished and Canada now knows it will be Russia who stands in their way to the finals.

After Czech Republic dominated the OT period, a bad turnover allowed the Russians to eliminate any momentum and finish the game in a single play on a goal scored by Grigori Zheldakov.

I was really rooting for the Czechs, not because I saw them as a weaker opponent, but because I thought they played really well in this tournament and deserved at least a berth to the semis. This loss also most likely ruins Czech goalie, Petr Mrazek’s chance at getting the best goaltender award. He was the main contributor to the Czech’s success. The award has been given to non finalist goalies in the past, like Swiss goaltender Benjamin Conz a few years ago. He was awarded this after a 4th place finish. I doubt the tournament officials would go all the way back to a quarter final loss to find their victor.

Tomorrow, Canada will need to be on their toes for every play in the game. It has been well documented how this Russian team can suddenly score, sometimes in bunches, regardless of how dominated they have been.

Canada will try their best to run over the Russians in order to guarantee themselves a spot in the final against either the Swedes or the Finns. This will all take place tomorrow night in Alberta.

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  1. Михаил

    Come on, dude. Did you really want to see the match Czechs – Canada? Are you kidding me? I don`t know what about canadians , but we were rooting for Canada to see the great game WE [Россия] vs Canada. Because we wanna see an interesting hockey but not to have freaking gold or another medal.

  2. TheHockeyHouse

    While Canada/Russia games are always interesting, I wanted to see the Czechs in the Semis because I thought they had their best tournament in years, and I feel like they deserved to beat the Russians. Either way, tomorrow’s will be interesting as it would have been if the Czechs were to make it.

  3. Михаил

    Do you really think that to play with the Czechs is the same things as with the Russians? I don`t want to hurt anybody but I just can`t belive that you think the game with the Czechs would be so interesting as the revanche with the Russians. Of course, you are rigth, they played very well and we didn`t. I agree they didn`t deserve to lose.

  4. Jackson Scarrow

    No, I don’t think it would be the same or better if Canada were to be playing the Czechs because of course Canada and Russia have a rivalry that dates back decades, but I just wanted to root for the underdog, mostly because of Mrazek, who has impressed me and the rest of the world beyond belief, and now won’t get the recognition he deserves.


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