Canada showed again why they dominate in this tournament with another win tonight over the Czechs, boosting their record to 2-0. We all expected a win here so there’s not much to analyse. The best time to see what Canada is really made of in these tournaments, is when they take on  the Swedes or the Russians. This time around, we may have to wait until the elimination rounds to see the Canadians take that test.

Even though the Canadians play the Americans on Saturday, the real test lies with the Swedes and Russians. I say this because of USA’s horrid play today against the Finns. As we all know, Canada whooped Finland 8-1 on Monday, then the Fins turn around and beat the supposed powerhouse of the tournament 4-1. If that is any indication of what the new year’s eve tilt will look like, My thoughts are with the USA players and the American players’ friends and families.

Then there is Denmark. Oh poor, sweet, innocent Denmark. The horrors lying ahead for you are gruesome, considering Canada beat a team that beat a team that beat Denmark 11-3. I shouldn’t get to cocky seeing as that is no way to predict the outcome of a game.

The second topic for discussion is goaltending. Scott Wedgewood blanked a pretty decent team in Czech republic, let only a single goal against the Swiss and was solid when he came in to relive Visintin, while up against the gold contending Swedes. It’s clear in my mind who the go to guy between the pipes is come semi-finals. Anyone other than Wedgewood would be ludicrous.

I mean no offence by this at all, Visintin has had it rough enough all ready but I must point out that he has begun to show a tendency to blow leads against great teams, I mean no disrespect because he has been through the ringer since last January. If I were him I’d just remember what Fleury did in 2003 (2004?). If he can bounce back from that then Visintin will be fine. I must say at a personal standpoint, Visintin has gotten under my skin with some of the things he says. In a post-game interview on Monday he said that he “made some mistakes, goalie things [we] wouldn’t understand”. Nothing big, but that irritated me so bad. When I heard that I wanted to jump out of my chair and yell “Try me!”. For people who have been around hockey their whole lives, especially media personal, no concept in hockey is too foreign to sail over our heads. If he didn’t want to go into detail he should have just said “little things” and left it at that. Instead he shows off his superiority and blessed us hockey peasants by allowing us to happily live in ignorance.

I’m almost positive he meant absolutely nothing by it and in actuality was probably joking but whatever, I’m a complicated person. Little things like that turn me into someone not very nice.

I need to work on that or I will spend my entire life as a raging inferno.

Excuse me, I spent a little more time than I wanted on something rather stupid. Moral of the story, Wedgewood is the better goalie, look for him to be the number 1 guy.

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(Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette)


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